pdnsd DNS server problem - looping

Jon Hale deb_jon at tpg.com.au
Tue Aug 6 11:21:27 EST 2002


Do any of you people have experience using pdnsd (it's a proxy DNS server that 
caches DNS hits to disk )?

Normally it works great, but every so often it goes into a psycho frenzy,  
causing the blinkenlights on my modem to go crazy.

Sniffing the packets reveals:

11:00:10.518988 > xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.1593
dY9 NXDomain 0/1/0 (1) 
11:00:10.520419 > xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
I10+ A? atlantis. (&) (DF)E68@@/qG5"atlantis
etc... at length.

where xxx  is my IP address and is the IP of my ISPs DNS.

This is a typical sniff, but it's not always identical to the above (excepting 
IP addresses). I know diddly about networking so I can't understand what the 
above means except on a basic level.

Normally this happens if I check email, do a ping, nslookup etc.. but not 
<all> the time. Killing pdnsd stops the problem, and when I restart it, 
everything is fine. 

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions? I suspect I've 
misconfigured something (I'm at the stage of the learning curve in Linux 
where much of what I do is close my eyes, press return and hope for the 
best). Even an explanation of what it is <doing> would be appreciated. My 
guess is that it's repeatedly querying my ISP's DNS for something (which, if 
it's looping, must be vexing to them).

Much appreciated

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using namespace std;

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