Telstra ADSL

Dale Shaw DShaw at
Sun Aug 4 22:57:56 EST 2002

"Me too".  No self-install option available (installed in December 2001) 
although I vaguely recall the SpeedTouch Pro being an optional extra..

Incidentally, it is a trivial hack to change a SpeedTouch Home into a SpeedTouch 
Pro.  I won't provide links, but needless to say the information is readily 
available (and I've personally seen it work).

I haven't done it here because I decided my OpenBSD box is a better 
router/firewall than the Alcatel device and the next best thing to a native ATM 
interface in that box was the SpeedTouch Home in its default (bridging) mode.

I (somewhat reluctantly) give Telstra's ADSL service the thumbs up.  I can't 
complain about the service's general availability, although comments from others 
on the poor reliability of their DNS servers are valid.

I was reading an announcement recently that OzEmail has entered the ADSL market 
in Canberra.  I was surprised to see that their pricing was quite competitive in 
comparison.  I'm on Telstra's 512/128 3GB plan and currently pay $94/month.  For 
$5/month more I could have 512/128 from OzEmail with another 1GB download quota 
and uploads don't count.  Pity I'm not a big downloader..

Now, if only Telstra would offer static IP on "Big Pond Broadband" ADSL I could 
ditch my permanent modem connection to Big Pond Direct.


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I wasn't offered the STP. When I signed up, it was only the "home" model.


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