SSH configuration questions

Brad Hards bhards at
Sat Aug 3 18:05:19 EST 2002

Setting up my local systems to use RSA keys for SSH (so I don't 
have to keep putting in passwords for scp & ssh).

All seems to be working well, except for getting ssh-add to
run automatically. I use KDE, and I can make it work by running
xterm -e ssh-add from .xsessions.

But that isn't very cool (because I get this xterm between logging
in and my session-proper starting).

Ideally what I would like is to have x11-ssh-askpass run the first
time I need to enter a password (eg the first ssh session that I open).
A better looking GUI would be OK too.

Failing that, I'd like to have x11-ssh-askpass run on login. I tried
adding it to the Autostart directory, and it will run, but it doesn't
seem to deliver the passphrase to ssh-agent. There is no man
page for x11-ssh-askpass AFAICT.

Is there a better way than writing a script like:
#! /bin/bash
ssh-add < /dev/null
exit 0

and running it from the KDE Autostart facility?

I am mainly trying to make life easy for myself, but
I still want a pass-phrase for the private key :)

Also, is does anyone have a decent .ssh/config that they will
share? I'd like to make sure that I never fail over to rhosts,
always use RSA v2, and generally make life as easy and fast
as possible.

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