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Sat Aug 3 10:10:51 EST 2002

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Hey guys,

Just doing my yearly clearing out of junk (mainly because the gf
threatened to kill me if t didn't go :) and I have the following items
that if no body wants will be taken down to Revolve (or Aussie Junk or
whatever it's name is now) this weekend.

I have:

3 x small bar fridge sized 486 EISA servers. Only one known to be fully
operational (and yes it runs Linux). Come with 6 x 1.2 gig scsi
hardrives (the huge bulding brick sized ones). If nothing else these
machines do contain very good fans that could be cannabilised for other
projects. All machines were used as old dial up servers and have serial
condenser cards (with cords)

2 x monochrome monitors for above servers. One works, other works but
makes distressing buzzing noise.

1 x box of assorted EISA cards for above servers. Ranging from CPU
boards to network cards and yet more serial condensers. Working status

2 x small desktop 486 cases. Come with motherboards. One has 486 chip
other does not. No hard drives. One has some RAM still in it (quantity
unknown but around 16 megs I think). Both have 5.25 floppy drives and
one has 3.5 floppy drive. One case has definetly seen better days
(plastic casing commiting suscide). Other case was from my original XT
(first machine I ever owned) and is built like an armoured tank.
Complete with large red power switch on side for that invograting
*thunk* as you power on the machine (none of this soft power on stuff).

1 x Incredibly long paralell port cable. Looks to be 3+ metres long. God
knows why I have it or where I got it.

1 x box of assorted APC magazines (without CD's)

1 x collection of misc bits. Mainly bits of telephone cord or random
computer type cords that I can't seem to find a use for.

If anyone wants to shows an interest in them plese email me or call me
on 0408 679 492 to arrange pick up times.

My father is going to come round with the truck "sometime this weekend"
(sorry to be a bit vague about that) so you'll need to be quick. But as
I said they will be taken to "Aussie Junk" out Belconnen way if they are
not claimed before then.



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