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I have the Gentoo 1.2 CD. I can't remember what exactly was on there though. 
I'll check it out. Basically I think it has the stage 1 and 2 stuff. Plus 
something else - I haven't done much with it yet which is my I'm a little 

You can use the full CD to do the install, or you can just use the stage 1 
stuff, and download the packages as you go. It gives you the option to load a 
full system up from the CD or, if you like the flexibility of just using 
stage 1, you can do that too.

Flexible for all your needs. It make the coffee too ;)

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 16:47, Joshua McKinney wrote:
> Hrm IIRC isn't woody 7 cd's?
> Personally I don't think that it is appropriate to regularly advertise
> this availability.  Perhaps only if there is a query regarding wanting a
> copy of one of the available products is it appropriate to advertise
> your services.  I'm starting to think that DVD distro's are the way to
> go these days anyway, especially as I hate popping cd after cd in to
> install programs on my home box.  If you could delve into that market, I
> think that I would probably buy the occasional product.
> On another note does anyone know much about Gentoo, specifically is it
> possible to get a Distro set with most of the source that it would
> otherwise download on CDs/DVD.  This would perhaps be somewhat like
> those CD's that used? to be sold at computer fairs and other places with
> tonnes of open source software (I don't recall the company that made
> them)
> Josh Mckinney

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