Debian 3.0r0 CDs

Karun Dambiec Opensource CDs karun at
Fri Aug 2 17:00:19 EST 2002

Yes woody is 7 cds, however most of the most commonly used packages are on
the first 3 cds. Your point about regularly advertising has been taken into
account. With offering DVD distributions, we are able to offer debian woody
on a DVD for AUS$60.


> Hrm IIRC isn't woody 7 cd's?
> Personally I don't think that it is appropriate to regularly advertise
> this availability.  Perhaps only if there is a query regarding wanting a
> copy of one of the available products is it appropriate to advertise
> your services.  I'm starting to think that DVD distro's are the way to
> go these days anyway, especially as I hate popping cd after cd in to
> install programs on my home box.  If you could delve into that market, I
> think that I would probably buy the occasional product.
> On another note does anyone know much about Gentoo, specifically is it
> possible to get a Distro set with most of the source that it would
> otherwise download on CDs/DVD.  This would perhaps be somewhat like
> those CD's that used? to be sold at computer fairs and other places with
> tonnes of open source software (I don't recall the company that made
> them)
> Josh Mckinney
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> I'm gonna poke the eye's out of the beholder someday.
> On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 04:09:18PM +1000, Karun Dambiec Opensource CDs
> > Hello,
> > Karun Dambiec Opensource CDs now has Debian  3.0r0 CDs available. We
have a
> > 3 CD set available for $12. 10% of sales will be donated to the debian
> > project. Free Postage and Handling is available to people who are a
> > of CLUG if their payment for the CDs is made using the
> > paymate service. Our website is at
> > If you have any questions feel free to email us at
> > linux at
> > If you would not like us to occasionaly send a message to the CLUG
> > list please email us, and we will not promote our service on this list,
> > would only sent a message to the list once a new version of a
> > distribution/application is available.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Karun
> > Karun Dambiec Opensource CDs
> > linux at
> >
> >

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