Telstra ADSL

Brad Hards bhards at
Fri Aug 2 09:04:29 EST 2002

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 08:47, Daniel McNamara wrote:
> I've been using Telstra ADSL for about 4 months now without to much of
> problem (except for the DNS servers dropping dead on a regular basis but
> you can use alternatives).
I've noticed this too - seems worst for Telstra's own services
(eg is dead, but google is fine).
I thought it might be my DNS cache retaining things it shouldn't have.

What DNS are you using?

> The STP can also do all sorts of nice port forwarding tricks and various
> other functions. Plus you don't have any Telstra tech staring dumbly at
> your machine wondering where the "Start" buttons gone as you do with the
> professional install.
The STP wasn't an option for me, and I had to get it installed on my 
laptop (which was the only dual boot machine I had). The PCMCIA network
card came in handy for other uses though...

My only concern is that there were some exploits for the Alcatel
products (not sure if the pro version was affected), so even if you
didn't need a machine for PPPOE, you might still need it for a 

The installer (a subbie from "Skilled Engineering", IIRC) was certainly
totally clueless. Just play the game until they leave (no giggling:) and
then switch it over to your Linux box
-- 22-25Jan2003. Perth, Australia. Birds in Black.

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