How to Log Account Usage?

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>  Now the next challenge for me is to log user account usage? Can

Unless you have 1 or 2 modems hanging off the built-in serial ports of a
PC, I strongly recommend using RADIUS.  Hell, I'd even use it then ;-)

Running a RADIUS server gives a few benefits:

 * It handles dishing out IP settings, user authentication, and
   accounting.  You only need learn one system! :-)
 * The architecture supports failover/backup servers, so should
   the primary radius server go down, you don't lose out.
 * Supported by the major access servers (Lucent Portmaster, Ascend MAX,
   Cisco AS5x00 (though I think you need a certain IOS version for the
   earlier 5200/5300 models)) and a Unix server via "portslave".
 * Scales very well.  Should you need to expand dialup services, just
   plug in more dialup systems and point them at your existing server.
 * Most will store stats in a database, letting you easily grab all
   sorts of useful information.

Some radius servers you might care to check out are cistron, xtradius,
freeradius and yardradius.  All the above are apt-gettable in Debian but
unfortunately you're running Redhat, so have fun finding them, solving
dependency issues, etc. :P

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