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An alternative to DAVE (which is a commercial, and not particularly cheap,
product) is netatalk which allows a linux server to provide Appletalk file
and print services.  I use it for my home/small office network and can help
with configuration.

The thing about the markets is they are very much buyer beware!  Most of the
things I have bought from the markets have worked fine, but getting support
for the few that didn't ranged from difficult to impossible.

I would suggest youn also consder Cougar in Mitchell. . Not as cheap as the markets, but much more likely
to help with warranty/support.

I too would be happy to help with the server if I can.

Neill Cox

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Hi Scott,

I would probably suggest the Computer Markets for cheap.  Without knowing 
your budget and the number of people you want to support on your network 
it is a little hard to guestimate.

I would say you could pick up memory and harddisks quite cheaply at the 
markets.  There is one this weekend, Sat 04 May, Old Bus Depot Building, 
27 Wentworth Ave, Kingston.

I have no problems in helping/advising you with setting up a server.  We 
have a server that runs Redhat 7.1 with The following software/services:
	Samba		(using NT domain logins with roaming profiles)
	DHCP		(Dynamic IP)
	DNS		(provide local DNS and caches outside DNS calls)
	Apache	(for Intranet)
	NTP 		(Time sync)
	Coldfusion	(We develop web applications)
	PostgreSQL	(database)
	Oracle 8i	(database development)
	Squid		(internet proxy and cache)
	webmin	(remote administration)
I use to have the same server as the firewall but quickly came to the 
conclusion that this was not a good thing.  I ended up getting a Pention 
133 and using that as the firewall running IPCop.  Very easy to 
administer with a web interface and good instructions on the web site.

I have the server configured so that if a new Windows machine is plugged 
into the network then it only takes a few simple steps to configure it.  
First up setting the IP address to automatic, then setting the workgroup 
to our workgroup name and last setting the browser to use an automatic 
configuration script for the internet connection.

I had a iMac plugged into the network the other day.  It used a product 
called DAVE which allowed network drives and other shared resources to be 
connected.  Everything else seemed to work ok.

With the transACT issue I am also hoping for the same thing.  Once I have 
it connected then I will use pppoe on the firewall.

Another benefit of having a seperate firewall is that it tends to 
interfere less with the server if the internet connection is down.

I hope that helps a little,

Simon Haddon, E-mail: simon at
Sibern Solutions Pty Ltd, 38 Beasley St, Pearce, ACT 2607
Tel: 02, 62864500, Fax: 02, 62864526

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On 29/04/02, 4:36:15 PM, Scott Oates <greensoffice at> wrote 
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> Hi All,
> Alex Pollard mentioned I should talk to you ;o)

> I work in the ACT/Australian/Global Greens Office.
> Located on the 3rd Floor, Center Cinema Building, Bunda St, Canberra

> I would dearly love some advice and possible assistance in setting up a
> Linux server for the office.
> Reasons include:
> It would allow me to network Macs and PCs
> It is more stable and effective
> If I get Transact it could be used as a firewall etc.

> And I'm sure you would know many more.

> I am also seriously hardware impaired with a very minimal budget.
> Particularly I am deficient in CPU power and Ram. but really all the
> technology is very out of date hand me downs and seriously impairs the
> performance of the office.

> So if you know where I could pick up some free/cheap bits n pieces I 
> dearly love to know.

> Best wishes,
> Scott Oates

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