Keen for a Linux server!

Scott Oates greensoffice at
Mon Apr 29 16:36:15 EST 2002

Hi All,
Alex Pollard mentioned I should talk to you ;o)

I work in the ACT/Australian/Global Greens Office.
Located on the 3rd Floor, Center Cinema Building, Bunda St, Canberra

I would dearly love some advice and possible assistance in setting up a 
Linux server for the office.
Reasons include:
It would allow me to network Macs and PCs
It is more stable and effective
If I get Transact it could be used as a firewall etc.

And I'm sure you would know many more.

I am also seriously hardware impaired with a very minimal budget.
Particularly I am deficient in CPU power and Ram. but really all the 
technology is very out of date hand me downs and seriously impairs the 
performance of the office.

So if you know where I could pick up some free/cheap bits n pieces I would 
dearly love to know.

Best wishes,
Scott Oates

Greens Office
Ph.     02 6247 6305
Fax.    02 6247 6455
GPO Box 1108
Canberra City, ACT, 2601

greensoffice at

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