[OT] FYI: Telstra Providing Microsoft Messenger Internet Telephony

Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Sun Apr 28 19:59:38 EST 2002

Does it have to be free? If not then have a look at iSpQ Video Chat. I'm not
sure about Linux, but it's definitely available for OS X and Windows. What
about the openh323.org people. The basic bits and pieces (including basic
voice and perhaps video) should compile on OS X. I say this sort of as an
act of faith; I can't get it to run on Linux (only the debug compile runs,
the release seg faults immediately). Technically you could set-up your own
POTS/h323 gateway if you felt industrious...

Hmmm... Roll on transact for business.


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> http://www.bigpond.com/broadband/specialoffers/internetcallingtria
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> For those who care/are interested/have nothing better to do with their
> time.
> Basically, Telstra is setting up a trial of a telephony service that
> will allow you to use MSN to make phone calls.  You sign up for MSN
> (including a Passport account), select Telstra as your Internet
> Telephony Provider, and start handing money over to Telstra.
> You can't call 1800, 1900, Directory Assistance, all calls are charged
> at $0.12/minute, and the network traffic is billable, in addition to
> call charges.
> Oh... the trial is limited to Windows only at this stage.
> I keep searching for "The Holy Grail" of voice comms - something that
> will let me use my Mac OS X box to talk to my friends using Windows or
> Linux, using voice and even video.
> Alex
> Windows 98, n.: 32 bit extensions and graphical shell for a 16 bit hack
> on a 8 bit operating system originally written for a 4 bit
> microprocessor, by a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition
> and has not a bit of respect for its customers.

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