further information on previous 802.11 thread?

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Thu Apr 25 08:26:11 EST 2002

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002 clug at repose.cx wrote:

> I'm starting to think about playing with wireless. It's still a bit more
> expensive than I'd like, but I don't think the other members of the household
> appreciate the Cat-5 which is currently running into our living room. :-)

I had the same prolem until about a week ago. On the cost front, I am
standing next to the CX store in Martin Place Sydney, nd they have Nokia
PCMCIA cards for $109 (on speciaql). A PCI adapter is like $80 I think...
I'm not sure if these are supported, but what the hey.

> I was just wondering if anyone was willing to field some 802.11 / linux
> questions.
> 1. I'd like to use two cards, and avoid the base station, as I really don't
>    want to incure the extra expense. I seem to recall that doing this is when
>    the cards are placed in "ad-hoc" mode, but there's this small piece of
>    information floating around in my head that says that you require
>    new/particular cards to do this nicely without a base station. Am I
>    imagining things? Can base-station-less operation be done fine with no
>    consideration as to the type of card? I just remember reading somewhere
>    about a "better" way to do it, or something. Maybe it was making one of the
>    cards act like an access point?

All cards should spport a peer to peer mode. The A mode is "managed",
which you can implement if you have a Prism II card (do a google search).



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