debate about Free software for the ACT Government

Anthony Wesley Anthony.Wesley at
Wed Apr 24 09:32:04 EST 2002

Richard Cottrill wrote:
> I agree really. I think the case for "free licence == free" has some pretty
> serious problems. I'm trying to suggest that there's more benefit for
> Canberra if it becomes an early adopter (of enterprise-wide Linux) and gains
> the benefit of helping to develop its own software. I'd hope that the
> discussion about free vs. Microsoft (as too often the debate seems to
> become - and this one has started at) gains some wider breadth than the
> usual half-baked theories about TCO, ROI, and so many other TLAs. In any
> case none of the people involved in the debate should forget that the
> Government is not a profit making enterprise - it provides services to the
> citizens.
> Richard


The up-front costs for software , licenses etc are not really important as far as I can see.

What _is_ important are issues about tech support costs, flexibility to adapt to changing situations , ease of recovery of data
or systems after a disaster etc etc

This is where the real cost of ownership comes from. From personal experience, Linux is way ahead of MS in these areas. 


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