vector format to raster format

Brad Hards bhards at
Wed Apr 24 09:03:38 EST 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002 06:16, Jeremy wrote:
> Hey all,
> Looking for a combination of a vector drawing program, a vector
> graphics file format, and a converter to (any) raster format.  In other
> words, I want to draw in vector graphics, and then automatically render
> to .xpm as approprite for the graphics display I'm running on.
> At the moment the lead candidate seems to be any 3D modellor format.
> I'd love to use the SVG format, but converters seem to be a bit light
> on the ground.
Maybe Kontour? has (probably incomplete) feature list.

Probably not as polished as some of the other KDE KOffice stuff, but does do 
vector drawing, can import and export SVG, and is GPL'd. Screenshot showing a 
SVG image and the (customisable) program layout:

Status on other Kontour filters (Latex, MSOD, WMF, fig, etc), see

Otherwise, fig/xfig is quite good, as Brett pointed out. Doesn't have nice 
eyecandy, but is much more mature/stable.



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