debate about Free software for the ACT Government

Jeremy jepri at
Wed Apr 24 04:57:14 EST 2002

> Of course I have every reason to expect that if this is ever adopted
> it will
> be by largely ignorant politicians bleating about has-been buzzwords
> without
> understanding what the hell they're talking about. From there the
> politicisation of the topic is but a fairy step to the side, and then
> all is
> lost.

It's only lost if we aren't politcal.  ESR has some interesting views 
on that.

> </rant>
> I hope for a change by parts towards free, open software cross the
> world. I
> expect (at best) a nasty political quagmire in Canberra; or (most
> likely) a
> bit of hot-air where politicians (and hopefuls) can schmoose with a
> largish,
> well-organised, politically active group of voters.

I can't help myself thinking... this ought to be us.  We should at the 
very least make sure we get a decent number of people along, all 
wearing their linux t-shirts

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