postfix config

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Thu Apr 18 12:17:31 EST 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Kim Holburn wrote:
> Anyone tell me very quickly how I configure postfix to :
> . not listen for mail but queue and send it to another machine and 

Disable smtpd in (comment out the line)   AND
set $relayhost in to point to the other machine.
To avoid two DNS lookups, set it up like so:

relayhost = []

(but obviously use the correct ip address).  The square brackets are
required (see the postfix doco for why)

> . not keep mail local but send it to another machine.

blank out $mydestination in, like so:

mydestination =

Don't just comment it out as the default setting is the local machine,
and you don't want that.
You may also need to set $mailbox_transport too:

mailbox_transport = smtp:[]

but I wouldn't worry about that at first - see if it'll work without it.

Feel free to send me "postconf -n" output if you have further issues.


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