Stopping Spambots: A Spambot Trap and other techniques

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I got this from ISOC:

>From Slashdot, interesting reading if even only the first part.

These are additional techniques from Neil Gunton's article:

Stopping Spambots: A Spambot Trap
Using Linux, Apache, mod_perl, Perl, MySQL, ipchains and Embperl
Copyright 2002 by Neil Gunton
Last updated: April 12th 2002

This document describes my experiences with spambots on my websites, and the
techniques I have developed to stop them dead. I assume the reader has basic
familiarity with Linux, Apache, mod_perl, Perl, MySQL and firewall rules
using ipchains - each of these topics could fill a book, so I won't talk
about installation or basic configuration. I will, however, provide full
scripts and instructions on using these within the context of these tools.
If you'd like some basic pointers on getting set up using these tools, then
you could take a look at my short series of three Linux Network Howto

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