File permission problems

Simon Haddon simon at
Tue Apr 16 19:50:03 EST 2002

I use the following in my smb.conf in the global section.
create mask = 0770
I also have a share called documents which I have a group defined.
	comment = Documents
	path = /path/to/files
	valid users = @group_name
	writeable = yes
	directory mask = 0770
	guest ok = yes
I don't know if it is the best config but it works for my company.
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Re: File permission problems:

I have setup a small network of WIN9x machines to access a share on a 
Samba server. All is well and everyone can see all files. Problem is with 
file permissions. When user 'brendan' on one WIN9x machine creates a text 
document (for example), permisions in Linux file manager say that it 
belongs to user 'brendan' and group 'brendanh'. When another user 
attempts to open the document they get a 'read only' warning although I 
want all of these files to be read and altered (if required) by any 
internal user. I think this has something to do with 'map archive',   
'create mask',   'force create mask',   'directory mask' and 'force 
directory mask'.
I had a go at adding all users to a common group and using the '@ group' 
setting in smb.conf, but alal it did not work.
Basically I need the permissions for all data in the share to be (in DOS 
talk) not read only, not hidden, not system (not sure about archive). All 
users who can see the data in the share needs to be able to open, close, 
alter, delete etc.. the files. 
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