Open source e-commerce or membership database needed.

Simon Haddon simon at
Thu Apr 11 15:26:41 EST 2002

Out of the closed source world I don't actually mind Coldfusion.  There 
are a lot of developers that treat their code as open source and there is 
a strong developer community where their attitude is more akin to the 
open source arena.  I know that this is not true of a lot of closed 
source groups but I would make an exception for Coldfusion.  Having said 
that I only use Coldfusion on Linux running Apache. 

Guess I will start a closed/open source debate now or another 
PHP/Perl/Coldfusion debate. Arrgghh.


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On 11/04/02, 1:20:45 PM, Michael James <michael at> wrote regarding 
Open source e-commerce or membership database needed.:

> Dear Converted,

> <sermon>
> I've just come back from an encounter with the closed source community.
> IIS, Cold Fusion, etc.  Wow, what an eye opener,
>  standards of flexibility, reliability and security
>  that would be a joke in this august community.
> </sermon>

> Which brings me to my question:

> There was a lot of wisdom spilt on this list recently
>  about the pros and cons of various databases,
>  (most of which went over my head).

> However starting off with a bare table
>  and building a membership database record by record,
>  form by form, cgi by perlscript,
>  sounds a bit laborious and lonely.

> Any open source projects that provide the basic functionality
>  for organization members to login,
>  update their address etc,
>  even pay their subscriptions or conference fees (e-commerce)?

> It would also be nice if it integrated with a listserver
>  so the same login could be used to view and change mail-list 

> TIA,
> michaelj
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