Lisman, FLGOFF Jarrad Jarrad.Lisman at
Thu Apr 11 10:32:26 EST 2002

Trying to a simple ssh setup between two linux RedHat 7.2 boxes. I have
installed OpenSSH on both, generated keys and have the daemon running. I am
trying to make the conecction so that you don't have to do any password
typing etc. I followed a couple of HOWTO's and generated the
/etc/ssh_known_hosts(2) files and sneaker netted them over to the other box.
Then when trying to log in i get the "The authenticity of host
( can't be established... do you wish to continue (yes/no)"
If i do no it exits as is expected, if i do yes it creates a known_hosts2
file in /home/<user>/.ssh or /root/.ssh. So it works fine after that, but I
want it to work using the /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts2 file so that I don't
have to authenticate for each user.
At this point in time it is only using the user known_hosts and not the one
in /etc/ssh is there some switch or option that I have missed?

Thanks for any help


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