Getting a static IP on ADSL

Brad Hards bhards at
Thu Apr 11 11:01:16 EST 2002

On Thu, 11 Apr 2002 10:27, Daniel McNamara wrote:
> Hi again guys,
> Ok I've gone through my budget and I think I can get enough money together
> for an ADSL connection afterall. However because I want to run my web
> server I'll need a static IP. Can anyone give me an idea of who and where I
A popular misunderstanding. You can use a static IP, or alternatively, you can 
get dynamic DNS. I DynDNS has worked well for me ( - 
terms seem to have changed to require three domains (ie US$100 up front), but 
there are definately other operators (c.f

You can probably set this up yourself without much hassle, given a friend with 
BIND. A quick search on showed a few options, including:



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