Getting a static IP on ADSL

Daniel McNamara drm at
Thu Apr 11 10:27:38 EST 2002

Hi again guys,

Ok I've gone through my budget and I think I can get enough money together
for an ADSL connection afterall. However because I want to run my web server
I'll need a static IP. Can anyone give me an idea of who and where I can get
an ADSL link with a static IP at a reasonable cost? I can probably do up to
$100 a month. Telstra's web site doesn't seem to able to give me a straight
answer and I really don't know of any other ADSL providers in Canberra but
I'm guessing a few people on this list do. It's just a pity TransACT won't
be anywhere near my place until September.

Again any pointers would be immensely helpful.



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