Need co-location of a small web server - any help?

Daniel McNamara drm at
Thu Apr 11 09:29:05 EST 2002

Hi guys,

I run a website for my CIT students called - Up till now
my work place has been quite happy to have the machine it resides on sit
within our internal network. However due to management policy change this is
no longer the case (for reasons I understand yet dislike. oh well). Does
anyone know of somewhere I can get very cheap co-location? Or if worse comes
to worse I need to find somewhere that supports websites using MySQL and PHP
at a fairly cheap cost as I do not have a lot of free cash and this site is
running purely to introduce the CIT students into Linux. It is quite
definitely a not for profit affair.

I would prefer to be running the box itself but I can understand that a lot
of places would be edgy having an outsider box within their network. I also
understand that there is virtually nothing in the way of co-location in
Canberra or does somebody know of anywhere local? This web site means a lot
to me and I've had a lot of support from the CIT to run this website and I'd
hate to see it go down the drain because I simply don't have the money to
have a business grade ADSL line with it's own IP address. And not to mention
TransACT is not in my region as yet.

Any ideas, suggestions or vague ideas would be gratefully accepted. I am
usually subscribed to the list under the email address daneil at
however due to the fact the box has been taken offline I have unsubscribed
myself so as not to spam you all with the bounce messages.

Thanks in advance for anything.


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