Ouch, IP accounting needed

Michael James michael at james.st
Mon Apr 8 13:26:05 EST 2002

Last month the home byte-count jumped from ~200 Meg to 850 Meg.

It is probably my son connecting to streaming sites.

How do I bring up IP accounting so I can see who is pulling the bytes
 (preferably on a Suse system, but any advice would be welcome)

I would like to get a handle on where they are comming from too.

Setup is delux home linux,
 fast TransACT connection,
 PII server (presently Redhat 7.1, but scheduled to switch to Suse 7.3)
 with an internal squid cache,
 supporting an internal network
 fanning out to a PC, 2 Macs, and a Suse 7.3 desktop.

So I need software that will count bytes in directly
 and analyse squid logs for traffic that actually resulted in a fetch.

The reports I want to generate
 would be an external bytecount for each machine,
 and a list of sites visited ranked by bytes downloaded.

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