Parrot and GCC (Was: Re: Perl, Python and noo perl SEC: UNCLASSIFIED)

Sam Couter scouter at
Sun Apr 7 23:03:15 EST 2002

Alex Satrapa <grail at> wrote:
> GCJ provides a library that effectively emulates the JVM.  GCJ 
> more-or-less provides before-time compilation (I can't believe that 
> people get so excited about JIT)


1) JIT compiling can take advantage of run-time profiling, and optimise
only the bits of code that really matter.
1a) The JIT compiler knows more, in theory, about the environment in
which your code is running than your compiler knows ahead of time.
2) Advances in JIT techniques can be used immediately, without
recompiling your class files.
3) The byte code is still portable; GCJ compiled programs are not.
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