Perl, Python and noo perl

Simon Fowler simon at
Sat Apr 6 12:27:13 EST 2002

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 04:24:09PM +1000, Jeremy wrote:
> No, I just had a run-in with Eiffel.  It's a real BDSM language, which is probably
> why it's a favourite for first year comp sci at the ANU.
I wouldn't have called Eiffel a BDSM language . . . It looks like
it, given there's a specified coding style as part of the standard,
but the language itself is quite flexible. There's generally only 
one way to do anything, but then that's largely the case in C, and 
in almost any non-perl language . . . 

It /does/ strongly encourage "good OO programming practices",
though. Which is probably why it's so popular with educational
facilities . . . But what it encourages you to do is generally the
right thing, so that's fine by me.

Not that I intend to use it in Real Life - I'm too attached to good
old C ;-)


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