Open source report writing tools??

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Sat Apr 6 00:43:53 EST 2002

Firstly, thanks to all who reponded to my question about databases.  It has 
given me a lot to go on.

My fears about InterBase turned out to be justified, and it looks like the 
open source version has forked - with most of the developer community behind 
'Firebird' ( - the version independent from 

So my next question is:
Does anyone know of any good open source report writing tools?
I asked this about a year ago (6-7 May 2001), but I'm wondering if things 
have changed since then?  (Different people on the list??)

I have had a brief look at the references from
Some of these look promising, but are all very alpha or beta and are not 
quite what I'm after.

I also looked at

The latter's 'Report Generator Proposal' is pretty close to what I'm after, 
and if Christopher Browne's pages are up to date, then what I want is yet to 
be developed, with the closest thing being GRG - GNU Report Generator.  
Unfortunately, it looks to me like GRG has not seen development since 
December 1997.

On the other hand, perhaps someone here knows of something that has not made 
it to Chris' pages yet.

I'm thinking that perhaps I could implement something along the lines of GRG 
to produce TeX or LaTeX output.  Could be something to practice my Python 


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