weird keyboard lock in X

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Fri Apr 5 18:49:53 EST 2002

On Fri, 5 Apr 2002 3:18 pm, Everard Edwards wrote:
> Every now and then (once every few days) my keyboard locks up in X,
> capslock lights etc won't even change.  However, the computer is running
> fine I can logout of X using the mouse and WM menu, but obviously can't
> reboot from the command line (I don't use runlevel 5) as I don't get the
> keyboard back when exiting X, I can reboot it from the other machine on my
> home network though, but that is rather a pain.  My guess is that some
> program is locking the keyboard then not releasing it when it closes (is
> that possible?), but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. 
> Alternatively, could it be because my keyboard is one with extra keys for
> web, email, cdplayer etc and X has it listed as a standard 105 key keyboard
> - I don't have the extra keys mapped to anything.
>   Is there anyway to get the keyboard back without rebooting, any clue as
> to why this is hapopening and how to fix it?  There was nothing obvious in
> syslog, or the X log, is there anywhere else I can look to get a clue?
>   Ev

Hmmm.... well, all I can say is that I have had the same thing happen to me 
in the past, but not for quite a while (months if not more than a year, I 
don't think I've had it happen with RH7.2).

I have no idea why it was happening or why it seems to have gone away... but 
I'd thought I'd provide some moral support.  :-)


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