PostgreSQL vs MySQL?

Damien Elmes resolve at
Fri Apr 5 15:25:50 EST 2002

"Wayne Vovil" <wayne.vovil at> writes:

> I have also been told by a very successful USA professional software
> developer (who has made a few $$million selling his software), that he
> believes MySQL is the flavour of the month and that is the way he is going,
> even though he also supports PostgreSQL. He has even told me that the
> multi-billion dollar company I am contracting to who also uses Oracle, will
> be using MySQL to do some client-side transaction logging and reporting.

Unfortunately, Britney Spears was/is also flavour of the month.

I've used both MySQL and Postgres, but have not used them to do anything
sophisticated. From what I've seen, MySQL is the product to reach for if you
want raw speed and can live with a glorified flat-file database accessible via
SQL (and a limited subset of SQL at that - subselects, transactions et al are
either still being worked on, or not well proven yet).

We also see MySQL fall over sometimes for no apparent reason. With its lack of
real ACID support, I wouldn't want to use it in a place where the data was
actually important.

Damien Elmes

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