weird keyboard lock in X

Everard Edwards EEDWARDS at
Fri Apr 5 15:18:12 EST 2002

Every now and then (once every few days) my keyboard locks up in X, capslock
lights etc won't even change.  However, the computer is running fine I can
logout of X using the mouse and WM menu, but obviously can't reboot from the
command line (I don't use runlevel 5) as I don't get the keyboard back when
exiting X, I can reboot it from the other machine on my home network though,
but that is rather a pain.  My guess is that some program is locking the
keyboard then not releasing it when it closes (is that possible?), but there
doesn't seem to be any pattern to it.  Alternatively, could it be because my
keyboard is one with extra keys for web, email, cdplayer etc and X has it
listed as a standard 105 key keyboard - I don't have the extra keys mapped
to anything.
  Is there anyway to get the keyboard back without rebooting, any clue as
to why this is hapopening and how to fix it?  There was nothing obvious in
syslog, or the X log, is there anywhere else I can look to get a clue?

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