Any Perl victims care to explain this?

Wayne Vovil wayne.vovil at
Thu Apr 4 20:00:12 EST 2002


Why don't you try and do it in Python. Much better than perl!!!


> Matthew Hawkins <matt at> linux at Any Perl victims care to explain this?Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 19:22:49 +1000
>I've been tearing what's left of my hair out for two days trying to deal
>with a simple problem.
>Any sane programmer would like to enjoy such wonderful programming
>constructs as obtaining the value of a key in a hash table (okay, a hash
>table reference), like so:
>$value = $table->{'key'};
>But thanks to Perl, which enjoys the full power of TIMTOWTDI, one must
>instead do:
>if (ref($table->{'key'}) eq "SCALAR") {
>        $value = ${$table->{'key'}};
>} elseif (ref($table->{'key'}) eq "ARRAYREF") {
>        $value = join(' ', @{$table->{'key'}});
>} else {
>        $value = [$table->{'key'}];
>and pray to God that you don't encounter yet another random return type
>and have to add yet another conditional clause to deal with it.  Each
>time you need to use it.
>Why?  TIMTOWDI - there is more than one way to do it, and by God we're
>going to force you to use as many of them as possible.
>FWIW %table is tie'd to a MySQL database (using Tie::DBI) and all
>values are integers.
>Unlike sane languages, where you would have something like:
>int return_value_from_hash(int key) {
>        return data[key];
>and the programmer can rest easy knowing that they will ALWAYS get an
>integer back, Perl likes to keep you on your toes and randomly selects
>the return type from the list of all possible data types.  Then, knowing
>that you've employed nasty secret ninja hacks like the above to work
>around it, will return completely different data types the next day,
>forcing you to expand the list to deal.
>2/3rds of this script is dealing with this completely brain-dead
>"feature", and reinforces my commitment to take out Larry Wall in
>preference to Bill Gates when I finish my time machine.  The bastard
>even thinks that this insanity is a good thing, as documented here:
>"He criticizes other modern languages that have been developed by people
>who 'try to define their languages such that you can't do anything bad.'"
>Ummm dude.  Inconsistent return types are good?  Context-sensitive,
>sometimes with exceptions, sometimes just plain inconsistent meanings to
>built-in functions, operators and variables is good?  Line noise as the
>(GPL required) preferred format for editing is good?
>Pot.  Kettle.  Gravitational anomaly scale Black.
>Perhaps the reason behind this need for Microsoft Windows style bloat in
>Perl source code is explained further down that page:
>"While at Seattle Pacific, Wall says he 'was vaguely acquainted with Bill Gates.'"
>The plot thickens.

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