using a file for swap space?

Simon Burton simonb at
Mon Apr 1 16:19:14 EST 2002

i have a machine: P75 with 8Mb of
ram. his swapdisk has died and so i have
been trying to repartition the main disk
to make room for a swap partition. It's
interesting running Linux (kernel2.2) without
swap on only 8Mb. You get to see what programs
are fit and hardy (tar -zxvf works!) and
what programs are not (ps segfaults;
but /proc works instead, and only one login
possible with bash). The floppy drive is
different (smaller?) from my main
computer so haven't had any luck booting
with parted's boot floppy, however i
have net connection. There is not much
room to move, and short of sticking the HD
in a bigger machine, where can i find some
swap? in a file? seems i want opposite of
ramdisk, ie. diskram :)


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