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Attached is a notification that I have just received from my ISP.

While my pattern of Internet usage is such that the information offers
nothing that is of interest to me, it may be relevant to the above

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Hi All,

Web One Internet has our first customer connected via the TransACT
broadband network. This means that if you have a TransACT broadband
service and want to use it with Web One Internet it can be arranged.

If your suburb has not yet been cabled or may never be cabled by
TransACT or if you are not interested in using any TransACT service you
do not need to worry. Your Web One service will not be effected in any

Many Web One customers have waited for Web One to go live with TransACT
broadband rather than switching to an alternate provider. I want to say
thank you to those people. Anyone who has an account on the Web One
system and upgrades to a TransACT broadband service will receive a $20
credit to their account once they pay their first bill for broadband.
Anyone who signs up with Web One for a TransACT broadband service at the
recommendation of an existing customer, will also receive a $20 credit
once they pay the first account and the $10 spotters credit that goes to
the recommending customer will be increased to $20 for these accounts.
Please note that this offer is our way of saying thanks to those who
have stood by Web One and for this  reason applies only to those who are
currently able to connect via TransACT and who sign up with Web One
before 31 October 2001.

If you would like more information about TransACT specifically please

You are of course always most welcome to write or phone Web One for
information on TransACT broadband or any other service.


Tim Thornley            Phone 61 2 62420605 or 1300 730605
Manager                                  Fax 61 2 62425728
Web One Internet      

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