TransACT network

Mark Purcell mark at
Fri Sep 28 22:22:37 EST 2001

On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 10:22:49AM +1000, Darrell Burkey wrote:
> BTW, has anyone done a calculation of how much it would cost to move the
> 3G of data included with Telstra's ADSL service via TransACT/Netspeed?
> Looks like around $500+/month to me so I won't be rushing to use the
> service. :-)

I had Mr TransACT salesman doing the door to door thing here (Curtin) last
week.  He asked if I was interested.  I said they were charging way too much
especially since I have Telstra ADSL @ 256 kbps. He said, how much are you
paying.  I said $78/ month.  He said sure we should be able to do that..

So I invited him in.  We did the sums and the best he could come up with
was the Home Package #1 which gave 256 kbps for $49.95 /month..  I said 
great, but that doesn't connect me to the Internet does it. He said no,
you need to get an ISP for that, which one do you use?

So we looked in his little book again and the cheapest ISP we could find
was $15 for 80Mb/ month, so when added to TransACT subscription 
came out at $75/month. The closest to the Telstra ADSL 3Gb /month was 2 Gb
/ month for $120 ISP costs; total cost of $170 /month.  Don't forget the
free telephone calls and TV... :-)

He said I guess TransACT can't meet the Telstra ADSL price.

Analysis. Telstra have already penetrated the Canberra market at below TransACT
costs and picked up all the early adopters, such as myself. The only way
I can see TransACT being a going concern is if they either; reduce costs and
offer a solution below Telstra prices, or provide a higher level of service
'one-stop-shop' where you don't have to go here there and everywhere to get
your services.  I find it amazing that TransACT aren't interesting in managing
the ISP leg and make you go and find an independent ISP.


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