fixed-freq monitor dual-head with XF86 4.1.0

Rick Whittle rick_Whittle at
Fri Sep 28 18:17:00 EST 2001

Sun FF mons also send sense data back to the card of what freq. the
monitor is doing.

are you running a sync combiner or is the card producing composite sync?

Matthew Hawkins wrote:

> Doing some more testing, I haven't found out much more but did discover
> that by switching heads (and appropriate setup in XF86Config-4) the Sun
> monitor worked fine (the standard pc monitor whinged about freqs) with
> the config I had.
> This makes me believe there's some problem using the second head on the
> Matrox G450.  Perhaps it doesn't like a multisync monitor on one and a
> fixed freq on the other?
> --
> Matt

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