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Fri Sep 28 15:00:56 EST 2001

And I'll happily recomend Win4Lin.  I recently got it (box with CD and manual) from Everything Linux - $179 aussie dollars -  and have been extremely impressed.  Supports SMP so runs really well on my dual celeron system.  It doesn't have the resource hunger that vmware does.
PS you can mount a file system using a loopback device - I've only ever done it for cdrom iso images (and very handy it is) so have no idea how it can be used for other file systems.


I played around with these as well and got most
frustrated. Eventually, I installed and bought VMWARE
EXPRESS (US$49). It is great.

I run a DOS window and W98 apps with it. I know I
could run the DOS app in W98 in DOS window; but I like
the separation.

I have not encountered a single problem and I have had
these two guest OS's running under VMWARE on my SuSE
7.1 Prof system for a month and haven't had to boot
any OS at all.



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