TransACT network

andrew at andrew at
Fri Sep 28 14:26:38 EST 2001

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Kim Holburn wrote:

> At 9:53 AM +1000 28/9/2001, andrew at wrote:
> >On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Kim Holburn wrote:
> >
> >>  One of the techs told me it would be in the reserved ip space
> >>  10.x.x.x so I tried firing of a few (thousand;-) pings but got no
> >>  response.  If anyone wants to try grabbing a 10.x.x.x ip number
> >>  sometime and see if we can exchange ICMP packets;-)
> >
> >As I said, I've tried sniffing the network, and there is no traffic on it
> >except that related to my PPPoE link.
> If it's a decent switching fabric that's what I'd expect, well
> perhaps a little broadcast "Ethernet" traffic.  How does "Ethernet"
> scale with that many hosts. Does anything answer a dhcp call?

Well, even in a switched network, you have to see ARP requests... or how
can the switch work out that packets to *that* address go down *that*
pipe?  Try doing a tcpdump on your external interface - there is *no*
traffic except that associated with your PPPoE tunnel.


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