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Darrell Burkey dazza at
Fri Sep 28 10:22:49 EST 2001

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 andrew at wrote:

> As I said, I've tried sniffing the network, and there is no traffic on it
> except that related to my PPPoE link.  Doesn't matter how my end is
> configured - if I can't talk to anyone but the router, and nobody but the
> router can talk to me, and the router only wants to talk PPPoE.... we can
> either go through our respective ISPs (and pay for the privilege), or wait
> for transact to set up something else for us to connect to.

I remember quite clearly during public presentations by TransACT a
statement that local network traffic would be free. But last week I was told by a fairly
reliable source that this functionality had been dropped and that all
network traffic would be going through the ISPs connected to the service.
The implications of this would severely reduce the functionality of the
service for my needs and drive the cost up even more.

BTW, has anyone done a calculation of how much it would cost to move the
3G of data included with Telstra's ADSL service via TransACT/Netspeed?
Lools like around $500+/month to me so I won't be rushing to use the
service. :-)

If anyone has any more accurate or up-to-date info I'd be very interested.


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