Dual boot

Rasjid rasjidw at bigpond.com
Sun Sep 23 20:01:40 EST 2001

> Travis Ecclestone wrote:
> I am like red raw to linux.  I have heard a lot of good stuff about it
> and thoguht I would check it out.  I am abotu to reinstall my system
> and figured I would set up a linux/win98se dual boot.  Do  I have to
> partition them seperately or can I just install one and then the
> other.  I have heard you don't have to partition the drive but every
> literature I read says to partition it for the dual boot, one for
> linux and one for 98 se.
> Thanks
> Travis

RedHat has a partionless install that installs Linux into a single file
on the Windows filesystem.  I did it on a friends computer the other
day.  It works okay, but you are limited to an approximately 2GB
install.  You have to boot from a floppy - if you lose the floppy you
lose your Linux system.  :-|  I think it is only useful for someone just
wanting to have a quick look at Linux and remove it from their system.

If you are about to re-install Windows 98 anyway, then there is little
to gain and much to lose by doing a partionless install.  Backup all
your windows files, use dos fdisk to remove your current partition, give
Windows as much as it needs [as little as possible ;-) although perhaps
I'm biased] and leave the rest unallocated.

Reinstall Windows 98 and restore your files.

Then install Linux.

I still have a dual boot system, but I never seem to boot Windows
nowdays (I got Baldur's Gate II to work under VMWare 2).  As soon as I
can get the money together for VMWare 3 and a bit more memory, my system
will boot into Linux only.



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