Dual boot

Wayne Vovil kylixau at yahoo.com.au
Sun Sep 23 11:02:08 EST 2001

Hi Travis

Yes, it is necessary to partition your hadr drive.

Preferably, a partition for W98, a partition (small
one) for linux SWAP, and at least one other partition
for linux. You may use more than one for linux. I use
one for swap, one for linux (all but /home), and one
for linux (/home -  where I put all my user stuff -
data etc that doen't need upgrading).



 --- Travis Ecclestone <travis_ecclestone at bigpond.com>
wrote: > I am like red raw to linux.  I have heard a
lot of
> good stuff about it and thoguht I would check it
> out.  I am abotu to reinstall my system and figured
> I would set up a linux/win98se dual boot.  Do  I
> have to partition them seperately or can I just
> install one and then the other.  I have heard you
> don't have to partition the drive but every
> literature I read says to partition it for the dual
> boot, one for linux and one for 98 se.
> Thanks
> Travis

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