How to remove BIOS password?

Shaw, Dale Dale.Shaw at
Sat Sep 22 23:21:34 EST 2001

FWIW, here are the debug commands:

o 70,2E
o 71,0
o 70,2F
o 71,0

That resets the checksum to 0 (it is stored at 2E/2F). Next time you reboot
you'll get a checksum error and you'll have to re-enter the BIOS config

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> If you can boot the machine to DOS, you can run microsoft's 'debug'
> where I'm pretty sure you can search for and find the CMOS data, and
> fill it with 00's, which will invalidate it and hopefully the 
> BIOS will
> display a message such as 'Invalid CMOS Data'
> Hope this helps,
> Nathan.
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> Subject: How to remove BIOS password?
> I have here a 486 machine, just got it for a fw. It has a 
> BIOS password
> so I cannot remove the HD definition and it will not boot 
> without manual
> intervention.
> I want to clear the password. Tried to remove the battery for a few
> hours,
> no go.
> No manual available. Checked the silkscreen carefully and 
> could not see
> an obvious jumper.
> The mobo is a VL/I-486SV2G-GX4. I can swear it is an ASUS but it does
> not say so.

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