How to remove BIOS password?

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at
Fri Sep 21 23:34:23 EST 2001

Richard Cottrill wrote:
> The board does sound like an ASUS board; it's even listed on their web site:

Yes, I did look it up.

> If you follow through the links it says there's BIOS upgrade available (and
> you'll need an EPROM writer to use it). There are people on this list who
> can do the requisite chip burning though.

this would be the last resort.

> I couldn't find anything about passwords though. If you're really pushed
> then I may have a manual for a similar board (but I'll need somebody to get
> it for me and that'll take a bit of organising).

I found some reference to
	1) known backdoor passwords. I will try these
	2) password crackers, will try them too

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