Samba configuration

Rasjid rasjidw at
Fri Sep 21 23:00:55 EST 2001

I would suggest either reading man samba and all the man pages that it
refers to, or take the easy way out and use swat.  (You will need to
enable swat in /etc/xinetd.d/swat.)

The only non-default setting I used with SWAT `globals' was to make sure
that `encrypt passwords' is set to yes.  The default swat security
setting is user and that has worked well for me. See the help on
security that comes with the SWAT interface.

With encrypted passwords (which according to the SWAT help file is
required for Windows 98 clients unless you edit the Windows registry)
you will need to add each samba user and enter their passwords.  This
can be done using swat or smbpasswd from a bash prompt.

You might also want to check the firewall settings, but these are
probably okay if you can see the linux box in the network neighbourhood.


> Claudio wrote:
> I install red hat 7.1 and configure samba as I read on PC World
> Minibook....
> I have to tell you that I have a linux server based on red hat 6.2 and
> I had no problem ...
> this new installation on red hat 7.1 it dosn't want to let win 98
> browes the linux workstation..
> the message I receive is   "The computer or sharename could not be
> found.Make sure you typed it correctly and try again "
> I called Linux workst. ST_05 I can see the Icon on the windows
> network  ...
> I setup smb.conf  as " security = share"
> can you please tell me where I can find a doc about this new samba ??
>  or what is new in the setup
> Tks Claudio

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