How to remove BIOS password?

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Fri Sep 21 22:26:11 EST 2001

If you can boot the machine to DOS, you can run microsoft's 'debug'
where I'm pretty sure you can search for and find the CMOS data, and
fill it with 00's, which will invalidate it and hopefully the BIOS will
display a message such as 'Invalid CMOS Data'

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I have here a 486 machine, just got it for a fw. It has a BIOS password
so I cannot remove the HD definition and it will not boot without manual

I want to clear the password. Tried to remove the battery for a few
no go.

No manual available. Checked the silkscreen carefully and could not see
an obvious jumper.

The mobo is a VL/I-486SV2G-GX4. I can swear it is an ASUS but it does
not say so.

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