I want to disable "put" command on anonymous ftp

Matthew Hawkins matthew at topic.com.au
Wed Sep 19 17:06:34 EST 2001

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Gartside, Andrew wrote:
> I have set up my machine to do anonymous ftp. I would like to disable the
> "put" function
> for security. None of the copious documentation I've read mentions how to do
> this, does
> anyone know, please?

It depends on which FTP server you have.  On all, you can simply disable
write privileges to the directory and files within it for whatever user
runs the FTP server.

wu-ftpd from memory had an ACL system that let you specify permissions
the ftp server would adhere to.

proftpd lets you enable/disable individual FTP commands like PUT and
WRITE on a per-directory basis.


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