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Tue Sep 18 06:43:40 EST 2001

Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Felix Karpfen wrote:
> > I currently own a Maestro K56Flex modem, that has served me faithfully
> > and long.  It was my understanding that the main benefit of the more
> > recent V90 modems is that they handle uploads at greater speeds - a
> > non-issue on my box.
> I think that's an urban legend.  It does have some basis in fact, 
Firstly I would like to thank all who were good enough to reply to my
query - both those who posted direct and also the for the above, very full

All of it has been very helpful.

As a follow-up to one of the direct answers, let me add that the
suggestion to `upgrade' came from my new ISP - so perhaps there is a
modem compatibility problem that is worth attending to.

>  What you will get though is interoperability with any other V.90
>  modem (ie, you can talk 56K)

I used to be able to talk 42K; since changing my ISP, I have, at my new
ISP's suggestion, reduced this to 36K.  That setting works about 90% of
the time.  It may be attributable to the differing quality of the
Telstra connection, but I doubt it.

>  Most modem manufacturers announced free upgrades (flash rom software
>  update) to the V.90 standard if you purchased a k56flex or x2.

Sounds as though another trip to Bungandore is on the cards.

Again, many thanks



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