A Tricky Problem

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com.au
Tue Sep 18 21:18:54 EST 2001

Hello fellow Linuxers.  Its time again for me to bless you with one of my
impossible Linux problems.

My Redhat 7.1 system is in a constant state of flux.  I do regular Ximian
Gnome and fairly regular Kernel updates.  A couple of days ago I discovered
a problem that could have been induced by the last Ximian update and by any
number of other RPM package installs I've done in the past week.

Here's the symptom:

If I select a virtual console using the <CTL><ALT>F1..F6 keys the system
will hang.  The screen goes blank.  Its not just the screen/keyboard
that hangs either because the network dies and no further disk activity

When I shutdown normally and the system has to go through its powerdown
sequence of putting up the [OK]'s in green its able to get to the
character console fine.

I'm running the nvidia version 1.0 drivers for the Geforce II video card I
have but the vt's were working after I upgraded to that.

Can anyone make a suggestion as to where I might start?  There's zero in
the logs once I reset and do an fsck.  I can continue using the system as
it is but there are times when nothing but a VT will do.


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