Setting up local host

Gartside, Andrew Andrew.Gartside at
Tue Sep 18 16:52:21 EST 2001

I have followed the instructions from 
regarding setting up my RedHat 7.1 standalone machins as a localhost. I get
to section 5.7.1 
(the loopback interface) and have followed all instructions accurately. When
I attempt to use
 the command:
# route add
I get an error message:
SIOCADDRT: No such device
Now I can ping my own machine ( #ping localhost) but I can't telnet my own
# telnet localhost
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
Have I missed a step? Can anyone suggest where I should look? My guess is I
have to change
 some files to allow telnet connection to my machine. While I'm at it, I
want to enable ftp too.
Andrew Gartside

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