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Fri Sep 14 16:29:26 EST 2001

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, Gartside, Andrew wrote:

> full domain name in it. Made no difference. Can anyone tell me what to do
> next? The DNS is a W2K system. I installed RedHat from a download onto a

You will need to add the DNS entries for your machine on the Win2k box for
other machines on your network to resolve that name to your IP address.

For your own box, you have a few options. You can drop things in
/etc/hosts, /etc/sysconfig/network, set it explicitly in rc script... I do
not know what RedHat suggests, but one of their GUI admin tools will
probably allow you to set it - linuxconf? (non-gui interface is available)

> Also, where do I start in configuring proxy servers for mail and internet
> access, please? (even a command to look up in the man pages would help).
> Thanks 

You set up your internet proxies in each client. You can usually set the
environment variable 'http_proxy', which a lot of clients honour. see
bash(1) for details on environment variables for bash.

Setting up mail....

 - again, no idea how redhat suggest you do things; typically for
sendmail, I set the "DS" field in sendmail.conf to the machine to be used
as a relay.

 - receiving is done on a per-client basis. See fetchmail(1) for one

> Andrew Gartside

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