MRTG how safe is it?

Stephen Granger linux-boy at
Thu Sep 13 17:02:16 EST 2001

Hi again,

I'm just about to setup MRTG to monitor system load and the mail statistics 
on a server, and I was wondering on peoples recommendations of how safe this
is, in regards security. This is the first time I have actually setup my own
service running from inetd and I not really sure of the consequences that
could come about from this.

I'm following the scripts & etc from Nate Amsden at

Running a shell script as nobody seems safe, what owneship, and other stuff
could I do to improve the security?

After skimming the man for inetd.conf I didn't find anything that could help
me out, and I'm not really sure where to start looking... or what to type
into google :)


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